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Does the property and business transfer industry require expensive offices, regiments of staff and high advertising costs in order to meet the specific needs of their clients? Our specialist and transparent approach allows the buying and selling of property and business together with a range of ancillary services, all provided in the context that you know what you are paying for and that you are supplied to the highest professional standard allowing full confidence in the whole procedure from instruction to completion.

Market Leading Service

We believe in on-demand, that means you only pay for what you need without hidden costs, no frills and at no compromise to professionalism. Our flat final fee of £2000 (plus vat) for selling your business or property is what you pay in addition to your choice of package. Our personalised service offers a range of additional services, fulfilling your business or property requirements. Navigate the website to see how we can help you reach your business and property potential, or alternatively call us on 01904 215 241.

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