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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

MJD Hughes Ltd Weekly Newsletter

This week’s top news in the industry.

+ Money Laundering is a dirty business. Criminals employ a range of techniques to clean their “dirty money”, with the scale of money  laundering having a devastating impact. Companies need to understand how to check for the warning signs of financial crime, and what to do if you suspect criminal activity.

+ Daniel Thwaites reports turnover up 4% in first half, chairman to step down.

+ There’s never been a better time for operators to get a great leasehold deal in London. Tony Hamlin, managing director of hospitality business lender First Merchant, has said there hasn’t been a better time to get a great leasehold deal in London as landlords become more ‘accommodating’ on rents.

+ Signature Brew, the “music-inspired” brewing operation known for its collaborative beers with musicians, has hit its £400,000 fund-raise target on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube to open taprooms and treble capacity.

+ Brexit deal ‘far from perfect’ but ‘ticks the right boxes’ says Patrick Dardis, chief executive of London pub retailer Young’s.  performance is proof we don’t need to change our strategy.

+ A top-rated, 15th century Lincolnshire pub is calling last orders and will close at the end of the month, because not enough people use it.

Headlines/articles taken from Propel Info, NAEA PropertyMark and the Morning Advertiser.



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