Looking to SELL your business or commercial property?

Our services are designed to give you the advice and support you need. We offer a full range of professional resources that can market your business or property to the widest audience of potential buyers as possible.

  • Are you selling for the right reason? 
  • Can you achieve the sale price you want? 
  • Is your business or property worth what you think it is?

No matter what the sale price of your business or commercial property, the cost of selling with us is a market leading final flat fee of £5,000 (plus vat). We do not take a commission based upon a percentage of the sale price because we want to sell. When you register with us you can be sure we value your business or commercial property given current market conditions. This ensures we market it at the right price. Our professional appraisal will provide you with confidence throughout the whole sale process. Our service includes the following at no additional charge:

Professional sale negotiation with the prospective purchaser. 

Professional sale negotiation with the prospective purchaser. 

Issuing heads of terms to vendor, purchaser and the respective solicitor for all parties so that all sides are correctly advised of the terms of the sale.

Monitoring the sale process, liaising with solicitors from both sides, and providing feedback to vendor and purchaser.

Looking to BUY a business or commercial property?

Buying a business for the first time opens a whole new world. Adding to an existing portfolio of businesses may mean increasing your company’s penetration into a sector or diversification. For whatever reason you choose, we’ll find the perfect business for you.


Additional Services

Managing your business or commercial property requires information that you know you can rely on. Our suite of professional reports and services is designed to give you this information in a format that you can readily use and revisit.

The cost of professional services should always be a worthwhile expense and something that you can quantify. Each individual business need is unique so contact us and we will be pleased discuss your requirements.

Business Buyers Report

A report for every business buyer. This report will provide you with information about your potential business, its current profitability and the potential. If the business has a property element comment will also be given on the liabilities that you may be taking on and the questions you may want to ask your legal representative before progressing to exchange of contracts.

Planning Consultant Report

Our specialist team can help with all planning matters from the smallest extension to a property change of use.

Feasibility Study & Viability Reports

These reports help those starting a business from scratch or develop an existing business into otherwise uncharted areas. A feasibility study is of particular use to a group of partners or community group where there may be a number of areas to be looked at so arriving at the most feasible direction for your future business. Viability reports help with planning decisions as to the best use of a property.

Rent Review Report

The landlord of a property will need to have the rent on their property correctly assessed prior to initiating a rent review as part of a lease or tenancy agreement. Similarly, as soon as the rent review process begins on their business a tenant or lessee will need to ensure that they are agreeing to the correct rent at review. Our report can provide the landlord or tenant/lessee with all the information they require to successfully undertake rent review negotiations.

Inventory Report

When you are selling or buying a property or business if there are any fixtures, fittings and effects to be included with the sale then an inventory should be produced to properly identify these items. If these items are to be bought or sold in addition to the business then a valuation should accompany this inventory report. We provide a full inventory service.

Commercial Property Inspection Report

This report is invaluable for landlords wanting to ensure that their tenant/lessee is maintaining the property in accordance with the terms of the agreement. This report can be provided annually, at a regular period such as prior to rent reviews, or at the beginning or end of an agreement.


Specialist knowledge and advice


RICS Registered Valuer, Director

Mike is a Chartered Surveyor and Principle of MJD HUGHES Ltd. He has over 35 years’ experience in the licensed trade and with commercial property.

His experience ranges from personally operating a wide variety of licensed property outlets to the property management of commercial estates. Mike has knowledge and experience in providing the full range of professional property services to a variety of clients, from individuals to the corporate sector. 

Chris Berry BA(Hons) Dip TP MRTPI FRSA

Planning Consultant

Chris has extensive experience as a local government chief planning officer and planning consultant with a full understanding and knowledge of all aspects of the town planning process

He understands and performs the crucial role of facilitator in reflecting the various interests of private developers, local government and the full range of community interest groups, and how they can come together to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Rebecca Warriner MNAEA (Comm)

Senior Negotiator & Administrator

Rebecca Warriner is our Senior Negotiator and Administrator. She has over 12 years’ experience in Commercial Property and is accredited with the NFOPP Technical Award in Commercial Property. 

Rebecca has great knowledge of all aspects of commercial property, together with negotiation and administration.

Russ Bennett MRICS

Building Surveyor

Russ has worked directly for large Development Organisations, Commercial, Retail, Consultancy Organisations and Public Bodies and consulted on large scale transformational projects. He has collaborated with some of the best Developers, Clients, Architects, Engineers and Surveyors in the industry.

Mic Burrows 

Energy Consultant

Mic started his career working at British Gas, and since 2000 working as a surveyor within the energy efficiency sector, having qualified with a diploma in Surveying Practice. Mic holds accreditations for Domestic and Non-Domestic EPCs, DECs,  and Section 63, as well as working as a quality auditor for accreditation. 

Debbie Joannou

Administrator & Analyst

Debbie has extensive experience of customer relations and has worked for several large companies in senior positions. As a skilled administrator and analyst Debbie reflects the attention to detail and professionalism reflected throughout the organisation.

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