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Buying a business for the first time opens a whole new world. Adding to an existing portfolio of businesses may mean increasing your company’s penetration into a sector or diversification.

For whatever reason you choose, we’ll find the perfect business for you. The following selection of different business sectors should stir the entrepreneurial juices.

Public Houses

Although this sector has been hit hard over recent years the best pubs are still doing well.


The rise in occupancy and ability for the best operators to capitalise on a variety of income streams makes this a popular business sector.


The growth in every variant from coffee on the go to fine dining has produced double digit growth for this sector.

Fish and Chips

Never falling off the podium for the UK’s favourite takeaway food, quality establishments are always popular with business purchasers.


Still necessary for most business operations and a sector where the finest property can attract a premium.


Thought at one time to be in terminal decline the high street retail sector has consolidated and is even strengthened by online retailers seeing the advantage of having a high street presence.


A sector covering everything from engineering to food preparation, craft brewing and all in-between.

Equestrian and land

Attracting purchasers interested in running a business or for personal use the equestrian industry is worth around £7billion to the UK economy.


With businesses varying in size from single retail cabinets up to multiple operator markets the antique market has something for every business operator.


Whilst the above sectors have had to regroup and forget many long established ways of operating millennial businesses have created pop-up industries that meet the needs of today’s society.

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