Commercial Property specialist with 38 years industry experience retires on 28th March 2024.

Goodbye to clients and industry colleagues after four decades serving the licensed trade.

As of Thursday 28th March 2024 I have retired. I will have worked in the licensed trade since the mid-1980’s and what changes there have been during those years. When I started there were 6 main brewers that owned the pubs that served only their beer,  licensing sergeants, a break between opening times during the day, and meetings in panelled boardrooms with sherry. That’s all changed and will continue to move forward.

My colleagues are now helping clients throughout the industry. My very best wishes to everyone who works in the licensed trade or is associated with it.

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As of 28th March 2024 our office will be closed. The following email will continue to operate on a limited basis for a short period of time after that as we tie up the loose ends of necessary administration. If you email this address we will forward your query to our colleagues in the industry if possible.

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